Additional Services

At Mid America Bank, we understand that your banking needs are unique, and we offer a wide variety of services to meet them all. When you join our Mid America Bank family, you have access to Freedom Business Online. You also have access to the following services. Additional fees may apply for these services. Please refer to our Fee Schedule for details.

Debit Card

With a Mid America Bank debit card, you can quickly and easily access the funds in your account for everyday purchases or ATM cash withdrawals. You can even receive multiple debit cards for your employees.

Merchant Card Services

Increase customer satisfaction by accepting debit or credit card payments with our merchant card services. Mid America Bank partners with Ladera to meet all of your merchant card service needs. With this service, you will be able to increase customer satisfaction and help your business grow!


Move funds electronically from one place to another quickly and efficiently with our ACH (Automated Clearing House) services! With ACH services, you no longer have to process, reconcile, and mail paper checks for your business, which saves you time and money. This service is also safe and secure for you and your business.

Remote Deposit Capture

Save time and reduce the cost of transporting paper checks to the bank with our Remote Deposit Capture service! Using a Remote Deposit Capture Machine, you can digitally scan and transmit your checks to us and we will credit them to your account.

Cash Management Services

Take advantage of our cash management services to cut costs, save time, and help your business run efficiently. By enrolling in our cash management services, you can have lock box processing, a zero balance in your collecting account at the end of each day, or even set up a sweep into an investment account. Ask a Customer Service Representative for more details!

Positive Pay

Detect and prevent fraudulent check transactions with Positive Pay.  This automated cash management service matches checks you issue with those presented for payment to protect against forgery, alterations, and counterfeiting.  The service matches the check number, dollar amount, and account number of each check against a list you provide.  When the information does not match the check, the bank will notify you and will not pay the item until you advise the bank to accept or reject the check.


Cash Vault Services

Ensure you have the coin and currency your business needs with our cash vault services. We can do currency and coin change orders for you and your business to meet your cash needs. 

Safe Deposit Boxes

Mid America Bank's safe deposit boxes are a secure way to store important items and documents. Our safe deposit boxes come in a variety of sizes and protect your valuables from theft or damage. Ask about our safe deposit rates and options at one of our branches!

Wire Transfers

If you need to transfer funds quickly and securely, you can transfer funds electronically from one bank account to another with our wire transfer service. Contact a Customer Service Representative to learn more!

Cashier's Checks

If you are a customer who needs a check written to a specific individual or business for a specific amount, visit one of our branch locations. In just a couple minutes, one of our tellers can have a cashier's check printed for you!

Notary Services

Need to get a document notarized? Visit our locations during lobby hours to visit one of our notaries who can help guide you through the process. Best of all, it's free for customers!

Night Deposit

Drop off your bank transactions after our business hours in our night drop box, and we will process them the next business day. It's simple, efficient, and convenient!

Overdraft Coverage

Mid America Bank understands that unexpected overdrafts occur from time to time. We offer two overdraft coverage options to help!

Auto Sweep Overdraft Protection is a service you must enroll in that automatically transfers funds from another Mid America Bank account to pay an item and protect your account from being overdrawn. When used, you will be charged an auto sweep fee of $2 for each transfer, but it costs nothing to have on your account.

Overdraft Privilege is a benefit that is automatically provided to eligible accounts. Overdraft privilege covers overdrafts up to a limit. When used, you will be charged an overdraft fee of $15 or $30 for each overdraft item paid, but it costs nothing to have on your account. Overdraft Privilege is a secondary coverage used once the source of Overdraft Protection is exhausted.

For more important information about Overdraft Coverage, please click HERE or contact a customer service representative.