Equifax Data Breach

What happened in the Equifax data breach?

Equifax, a major credit bureau, experienced a massive data breach between May and July of this year. 

Hackers accessed approximately 143 million people's names, Social Security numbers, birth dates, addresses, and, in some instances, driver's license numbers. 209,000 people's credit card numbers were also stolen, and 182,000 people's dispute documents with personal identifying information were accessed as well. Hackers could potentially use this information to apply for and obtain credit cards or loans using your good credit.

Did the hackers steal my information?

Considering the large amount of people impacted by this data breach, there is a good chance your information was stolen if you have a credit report. 

Equifax has set up a special website that you can enroll in to help identify whether your information was compromised and provide more information on what you can do to protect yourself. 

To visit the website and figure out if your information was stolen, please click the link below and click on Potential Impact.


Be sure to use a secure network (not public WiFi) if you submit any sensitive data over the Internet.

We can help you protect your identity with Secure Checking!

As technology continues to grow and expand, it's not if your identity will be stolen but when it will be. 

Our Secure Checking account can assist you in preventing and lessening the damage cause by identity theft. 

With Secure Checking, you have access to ID Protect, which actively monitors credit requests for all three major credit bureaus and alerts you when your credit report is accessed. If the attempt is fraudulent, ID Protect will assist you in notifying the credit bureau and protecting your credit report. (Registration/Activation Required)

Secure Checking also provides you access to Identity Theft Resolution Services if you become a victim of identity theft. It will provide you with a fraud specialist assigned to help guide you through the process until your identity is restored. (Registration/Activation Required)

Want more information about Secure Checking? Click on the link below!

Secure Checking Account

Helping to protect your identity and sensitive customer information is a primary concern at Mid America Bank. We are here to help you!