With CardValet, you can protect your debit and credit cards from fraud through your mobile device by receiving alerts and defining when, where, and how your payment cards are used. 


Download the CardValet mobile app from Google Play or the AppStore to:

  • Sign up for alerts based on transaction amount, location, merchant type or transaction type

  • Set limits for spending - Great for Parents or Employers

  • Turn your debit cards and credit cards "off" if they're misplaced or stolen


  • Play it Safe
    CardValet lets you safeguard your personal information and protect yourself from fraud and theft by receiving real-time alerts to ensure your cards are used by you only

  • Budget Conscious
    CardValet empowers you to control your debit and credit card spending by setting spending thresholds, specifying merchant types, and turning your debit cards on and off.

  • Parental Controls
    With convenient features like threshold limits, merchant categories, location, and on/off controls, you decide where, when, and how your dependent uses their payment cards.

  • Enforce Company Policy
    Empower employees to use corporate card accounts while maintaining control of business spending. CardValet can help you ensure purchases are in line with company policies with various features such as spending thresholds, location parameters, and on/off controls.

Want to learn more about CardValet?

Watch a tutorial on CardValet by clicking the link below!

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