President's Message

This year the financial institution hopes to continue our growth and look for new ways to further satisfy the needs of their customers. "Our number one focus remains, as always, in finding and implementing new ways to accommodate our customer needs and to continue to provide the same one-on-one, face-to-face service that our reputation is built on," said Brian Berhorst, president and CEO. 
"We will also be making continued improvements and technological advances to our internet banking, add mobile banking, and further enhance our internal banking software and hardware." Each year Mid America Bank invests a great amount of money in technology to enhance the convenience of banking, maintain customer confidentiality and to address current and future security risks. They also work to meet the challenge of ever-changing government regulations by providing continuing education to employees. All of this is done to ensure that Mid America Bank consistently offers the highest value to its customers. "At Mid America Bank, we take the time to know our customers," said Berhorst. "They aren't just a number; they're family. We staff the bank with friendly, experienced personal bankers who deliver the highest level of relationship banking. We feel that the special personal attention we give to our customers and the needs of the communities we serve is directly responsible for the exciting growth that Mid America Bank has experienced over the years."

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